Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Short Break

The posts prior to this post had to be re-pasted since i accidentally deleted my blog! It's back to normal now, though, so back to blogging!



  1. Peace Sara,

    Say, how are classes going, btw? I know your bio reads that you're a junior at Berkley so I'm surprised that you have time to update your blog as often as you do.

    Take care.

  2. Peace ACT,

    thanks, yeah it's pretty busy, midterm essays have been the heaviest so far, but it's all good. I got into blogging through RaceWire in the summer and now I really love to do it...I treat it as a kind of side work--but not in a bad way. So I'm almost addicted to it.

    I'm curious, how did you get into blogging?

  3. "I'm curious, how did you get into blogging?"

    I always fancied myself as some sort of revolutionary - it's embarrassing to think about now. As I got older (I'm in my thirties now) I realized that unjust systems are vulnerable to reasonable arguments. One doesn't get anywhere by counting one's enemies. So I decided to leave the fire and brimstone behind me and focus on writing a blog that is direct but (hopefully) respectful. Then I invited all of my neutral and conservative friends to come visit. I've actually won a couple of them over. These are the victories that I hold dear nowadays.

    At any rate, I am really pleased to see a real thinker like yourself demonstrate such a commitment to equality. It's refreshing.

    Take care.

  4. That's interesting, and I really do think that reason is currently our strongest weapon right now--we can't do what was done in the sixties, and you have a really good purpose!

    I kind of fell into it, and now I can't imagine *not* writing about this. I learn a lot from your posts actually--using personal experience is probably the best ammunition, since it challenges our notions of objectivity and non-personal facts.

    Peace! Sara