Friday, August 3, 2007

This Eurocentric Western Civilization Thing Gets Really Annoying

Whenever I come home to visit my parents I blab on and on about Eurocentric this and racist that. They hear me, they agree with me, and then they say--asĂ­ es (or, that's how it is).

Their tone of accptance, although frustrating to my young fervor, is understandable. Racism is just too deeply embedded in every aspect of society. It is where we see it and where some don't see it.

For example, I told them, look at the table we are sitting at right now. This glass table that reaches our lower chests when we sit in our chairs to eat upon it.

Does it seem racist? Heck no. It is thought of radically liberal to say that this is racist. Yet why do the Japanese have tables closer to the ground, upon which they eat as they sit on the floor? How about the forks and knives thing?

To eat correctly is to eat according to our Eurocentric ideas. Yet I, of course am just a blabbering liberal brainwashed to think that tables are racist or something.

Well, let's take a look at this video. It is a satire of spongebob, set in evil communist China:

What offends me is that China's political framework is not what is truly being attacked...the people subject to it are being attacked.

The Chinese Spongebob here is depicted as a brainwashed hardworker who proudly submits to "soul crushing labor" because that is the way of his country.

Chinese Patrick, on the other hand, has used "Google" to learn about Western things such as his rights as a human being.

I am disgusted at this. The video de-humanizes hard working Chinese, making them into stupid animals who are willing to be abused and controlled.

I am no fan of communism, but I am also no fan of Americanism that struts its stuff around giving the finger to all other non-Eurocentric cultures.

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